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Just step into a pair of L-Sole and walk down the memory. Every step you take backward you will experience a story how LSole has evolved. At the end of the reel you halt at year 1987, the year in which it was established. The outset was quite modest when shoes were crafted for provincial people. When these people experienced its comfort and quality L sole began to create a mark in shoe making fraternity.


Comfort of our body begins from foot. We have specialized ourself in making only pure leather shoes which gives utmost comfort. Deriving the knowledge from Italian handmade shoe technology and mastering it enabled us to enthral some of the international brands. Every shoe is handcrafted, leather is chiselled and layered one above the another stitched with linen threads soaked in wax. At this juncture it is  confluence of aestheticism and durability.

Our artisan assured our shoes soothes leg of International customers. We are proud to be associated with few international brands and feel the great sense of satisfaction our shoes are roaming round the globe.  

It tastes better when it is served fresh. Same canon is applied for shoes. All shoes are manufactured on basis of order and we believe in zero stock policy. Our cord waivers endeavour to shape up shoes with latest design and add aestheticism for crisp experience. 

We have dragged our self into 21st century and forayed into e commerce. Just crash on our couch, indulge into cyber shopping and get your exotic pair delivered on your doorstep.

Shoemaker Lsole
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