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5 Qualities to Look For in a Pair of Formal Shoes

During his or her lifetime, the average person will walk five times the circumference of the earth by using the feet he or she has. While this may be the case, we rarely give our feet -- and our footwear -- much attention other than aesthetics when it comes to their care.

In fact, shoes may be considered to be one of the most important parts of an individual's outfit, due to the fact that no other article of clothing must fit so precisely and perform such crucial functions as transferring weight from one leg to another.

Aside from foot discomfort, improper or inadequate footwear can also lead to back problems, knee problems, hip problems, and lower leg problems, in addition to foot discomfort.

As a general rule of thumb, it is not a factor to consider price, since a good shoe may be cheaper than an inappropriate one. There is also no guarantee of quality when it comes to famous brands. It is very important that you check the following features of the shoe before purchasing it.

Easily Adjustable

For example, straps should be adjustable in terms of how they can be adjusted according to an individual's needs, such as laces or Velcro, so that they can be adjusted based on what is most comfortable for them.


It would be ideal if the heel cup / heel support of the shoe is soft and stable, which should prevent the heel from moving horizontally or vertically during wear.

Ample space

You need to make sure that the shoe you choose has enough width and depth at the front in order to be able to fit your toes comfortably.

Walking can cause your foot to spread out and lengthen by up to a centimeter in each direction as your foot spreads out. This is why you should choose a shoe that is about the width of your thumb longer than the longest toe of your foot.

2.5cm heel maximum

There must not be more than 2.5cm of heel height on the shoe at any time. In any case, if the heel and ankle are not supported, the heel and ankle become more unstable, which increases the risk of sprains and forefoot pain.

Good condition

Don't wear shoes that are too worn down, as they may have lost some of their basic functions, so it is a good idea to discard them. As a result of running in worn-out running shoes, you will be putting more stress and impact on your legs and joints, which can lead to overuse injuries.

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