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How To Choose The Right Shoes For Your Feet Online

Choosing The Right Shoes For Your Feet Online

While shoe shopping is best done in person, online shopping can often save you time and money. You cannot physically examine a shoe from a digital store listing, so assess your own feet to determine how long, wide, and arched they are. Let's take a look!

  • A flat surface is best. Lay a sheet of printer paper on the floor. Select a larger sheet if your foot cannot fit within the paper's parameters.

  • Place the sheet in a safe, indoor area.

  • Put your foot in the middle. Afterward, remove socks, tights, and stockings. Trace around the perimeter, making sure your foot doesn't trail off.

  • Sketch your foot accurately by tracing it. When tracing around your foot, trace in sections if necessary.

  • Measure the opposite foot. Put your foot in the center of a new piece of paper. Mark the perimeter of your foot with a pencil. Set the original sketch aside after tracing.

  • Measure the length of your sketches with a ruler. Pass the ruler or measuring tape through the center of the heel portion.

  • Compare the measurement of your tallest toe with a ruler. Repeat this process with both sketches to determine your shoe size.

  • Measure against an official shoe size chart. Find your country's shoe size chart online. Based on your foot measurements, determine what size grouping you fall into.

  • If you have different-sized feet, check the chart.

  • To determine if you have wide or narrow feet, check the diameter of the sketch. Measure your foot horizontally with a ruler or measuring tape.

  • You will get a more accurate result if the measuring tool spans the two widest parts of your feet.

  • You can determine your arch type by dipping your foot in water. Step on a piece of cardboard after placing your foot in a bucket of cool water.

  • After you remove your foot from the sheet, examine the imprint left behind.

  • Low arches are likely if you can see most of your foot. Your arches are high if half of your foot isn't visible in the imprint.

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