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How to Choose The Rights Shoes For You Feet Online

Online shoe shopping: How to choose the right pair

Are you interested in buying shoes online? Is this something you are interested in? The challenge is choosing the right size of shoe when you are shopping online, but how do you do that? With our fail-safe shoe sizing guide, you can find the perfect shoe size online in no time!

It should always be remembered that, although online shopping is often a hassle, ordering the right shoe size should never be a problem.

There are a few simple steps and quick tips that can help you find the right shoe size every time with the help of a few simple checks.

Nothing is more frustrating than finding the perfect pair of women's ballet flats or sneakers online, waiting patiently for the delivery driver to arrive, and discovering the wrong size! You have a beautiful pair of handmade Italian shoes you cannot wear!

Send them back, wait for them to arrive at your doorstep and pack them up again. Shopping online could be made easier if you knew how to determine your shoe size!

Before ordering online, you can do a few simple checks to ensure that the size of the garment you are ordering will be correct before placing the order.

  1. It is best to order your 'normal' shoe size when shopping for shoes, not one size larger as this may cause problems with fit.

  2. In the case of wide feet or if you usually wear a half size, go up half a size.

  3. As size conversion charts are based on metric measurements, always measure your foot in centimetres rather than inches.

  4. Australian shoe sizes 38 and 39 are equivalent to European and US sizes 11, respectively. It's best to just stick with centimetres instead of inches since they can differ depending on who you ask.

  5. It is always a good idea to measure your foot before buying new shoes online if you are buying shoes online.

  6. In spite of the fact that shoe brands use similar sizing charts, there will be some slight differences between them.

So Jet Set GO!

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