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What Type of Men's Shoes to Wear For What Occasion?

What Type of Men's Shoes to Wear For What Occasion?

There is no doubt that dress shoes can make or break an outfit. The fact that there are various types of shoes and not all of them are suitable for every occasion is something that we can understand and accept.

Throughout this guide, you will be able to see a brief overview of the different types of footwear that are available.

There is a minimalist style to shoes made from a single piece of leather, which have clean lines and a minimalist look. Depending on what kind of dress code you want to dress in, you can wear them to the office as well as to a formal evening.

There is no doubt that everyone wants to put their best foot forward in their best shoes, but not everyone knows how to do it. If you were going to attend a formal event, you wouldn't want a fashion faux-pas to ruin your evening.

As a matter of fact, you wouldn't want to spend a fortune wearing the most expensive clothing brand's shoes only to find that they will be old-fashioned within a few months of wearing them.

We are going to take a closer look at some of the best shoes that are going to be trending in 2022 for men.

Oxford Shoes

Derby Shoes

Dress Boot

Monk Straps

Chukka Boots

In order to help you find the perfect shoe, here are some general points to consider:

  • Generally, shoes with closed lacing (Oxfords) are considered more elegant than those with open lacing (derbies).

  • Black shoes can never go wrong, and if you're on the fence about brown, dark shades are in general more sophisticated and easier to match.

  • If you have to choose between a shoe with laces and a slip-on shoe, the one with laces will be considered more dressed; however, the colors and finishes will also play a role.

  • As compared to rubber soles, leather soles are more classic and pose fewer stylistic risks.

  • The best leather shoe to wear on an everyday basis is a smooth leather shoe, such as nubuck or suede.

  • There are no extras, so there is less risk! It is easier to coordinate a classic shoe without decorations than a shoe with brogueing, two-tone leather or colored rubber soles.

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